We use the best equipment available.

As a company providing services for film studios and cinemas we use far more advanced equipment than companies that offer THX or ISF calibration. That allows us to achieve significantly better effects.

Our equipment:

  • Spectroradiometer JETI 1211
  • Colorimeters Klein K10 & Klein K80
  • Signal Generators DVDO AVLab TPG, VirtualForge, Murideo Fresco Six-G
  • Calman 5 Ultimate & LightSpace CMS Software
  • Referential player, movies, testing content.
Jeti Specbos 1211, Klein K10A, Murideo Six-G

In our cases:

  • .01

    Spectroradiometr JETI 1211 -a device for referential measurments, providing highest precision of measurment. It is used by a majority of film industry and we will use it to calibrate your TV, only in our company.

  • .02

    Colorimetrs Klein K10 & Klein K80 - The fastest and the best portable colorimeters on market. The secret behind efficient calibration. Their sensitivity to low light ( down to 0.00006 cd/m2) allows to calibrate OLED screens successfully.

  • .03

    Signal generators DVDO AVLab TPG, VirtualForge, Murideo Fresco Six-G - referential signal generators allow us to make measurements which are both fast and precise (to 1 bit accuracy). These generators make calibration of Ultra HD with HDR possible.

  • .04

    Software: Calman 5 Ultimate, oraz LightSpace CMS - specialistic aplications used in calibration. Complemented by our authorical software makes the process of calibration a fast and accurate one.

We are a recognized brand.

Wielokrotnie gościliśmy w mediach internetowych, oraz telewizyjnych w roli ekspertów w dziedzinie kalibracji. Nasze autorskie testy sprzętu TV i projektorów, dla portalu HDTVPolska.com, cieszą się publicznym uznaniem producentów. Z naszych usług korzystają także studia filmowe, oraz kina cyfrowe.

Współpraca z producentem projektorów JVC. Zostaliśmy wybrani jako oficjalny partner tej firmy.


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Film studios benefit from our service

  • The Chimney Pot
  • Platige Image
  • Televisor
  • Miło
  • Rio
  • ColorOffOn
  • Delapost
  • BadiBadi
  • Orka
  • Lunapark
  • Efektura
  • Panavision
  • Bites

We suport latest technology

We provide a complex service of calibration, including display modes considered by the industry as difficult to be calibrated:

  • HDR10

    Ultra HD z HDR 10Ultra HD with HDR 10

  • Dolby Vision

    Ultra HD Dolby Vision

  • HDR w projektorze

    HDR in Home cinema projectors

Zamów kalibrację